Thursday, 2 June 2011


Hello . My name is MUHAMMAD HAFIZ BIN MUHD RAZALI .Haahah . u can cal me APIZ , KECIK  or due²skali hee :)) .hehe . i was born on 9th disember 1994 , I am ALL BROTHER'S FAMILIAR . i have 3 family !First MYFamiliar , second ALL BROTHER 'S  , ,and last RAZALIFamily . ahaa , i currently staying at TAMAN PERLING . JOHOR . ehe . I like to eat invite-invite * jempot2 . HAHA . Anything else jus ask me K ? don't try to mess up wif me . i Hate very very very strawberry lahh . aha . for all bloggerz if u hate me jus stayback K . bcoz i hate u more than u hate me . err . for those copycat don't try to copy2 la babii . haa .ATTENTION PLEASE:IM TAKEN ALL READY NOT SINGLE LAGIK YAW ! that's the end . . . Dnt try dstrb ma LIFE !assalammualaikum =.=..  ///

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